Mermaid Roe

Vintage Mother of Pearl Graduated Cluster with Copper on Blue Leather (sold 12/09)

I spent a good two hours picking these beads out of a button tray beside the register of a local antique\/boutique shop. And that wasn't even half of them. The owner of the shop was so nice, she found the rest for me, and who knows how long it took her. She had just purchased the shop, and the beads were left by the previous owner.

For this reason, very little is known about the history of these beads. Given their condition and state, it's clear they've seen several generations so far.

Each bead hangs from a hand coiled copper headpin, and the entire graduated cluster is perched off a dark blue leather cord. Clasps with a Victorian-styled antique copper toggle.

This is not as heavy as it looks.

Cord measures 17 inches.