Ancestral Leaves

Ancestral Leaves, Cobalt Czech Glass w Antique Copper Leaf Toggle, Brown leather (sold 5/09)

The leaves on our trees are old indeed. You can trace them back like a stone skipping on moonlit waters. 

Oh, the stories. 

These Cobalt Czech glass beads are three sided, and the surface between those sides are mossy green. They seem very dark, until the light hits them just right. Then a shock of lightning blue, like the synapse of an old memory. They comet tail behind a large antique copper leaf toggle. Three strands of brown leather wrap around your neck to hold up this lineage, Just under your caller bone. 

Hand coiled brass-colored wire links the cobalt together like a rosary.

The cobalt beads are actually quite old. I found them at a thrift store, and was happy to give them a second life!

Measures 18.5 inches.