2nd Sale

And when we looked up, all the heavens alighted with tiny spheres...

Round, earth-toned glass art bead rests atop a donut of the same make. A little disk of shell holds the bottom up, and it finishes with a 3-ball triangle of silver. Hangs from a sterling silver spacer ring, and glides on it's orbit of sterling silver chain.

Chain measures 18". 

Length of pendant: 1"

Wow, I made my second sale today! Ok, I'm beat, time for bed. I've been peddling myself all over the place, and it's just starting to pay off. God I love business cards. :::Sigh::: I think I have a prospect for a new house, with better lighting, more space, quieter location... eh a little pricier, but it may just end up being worth it. The new face of Omniglot Studio? We'll see. In the mean time, here's the picture of sale #2.
(Btw, free shipping is now my favorite thing.)