1st Wholesale Order

Right now I'm filling an order placed by http://www.alittlebitofme.com/ for several pieces that are tea themed. I thought I'd include this as an advertisement for wholesale orders. Below are some pics of the teapot and teacup earrings I put together for this nice lady:

Then, of course I did several of these to the left in different colors. I still have some more to do, I just got in a batch of charms that are 3-d teapots. I'll put up those pics once they are complete.

In the meantime, looks like I'll be joining an Etsy Team or two, which means you'll probably see some advertisements for them here pretty soon. I'm also attempting a "selling frenzy" tonight, which is almost like an auction, but instead of one guy talking really fast, it's a whole forum of people going at once! I sat in last night, and I had to sleep it off! If it works and I make a few sales out of it I'll suffer through it in the future, but if not, I'd just as soon focus on advertising.

Oh look, the rainclouds broke and some sun is skulking around the side of the house. Where's my camera...