1st Etsy Treasury

I just put together my first treasury! Here it is:http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=56088

And since I know this link is going to be defunct in a couple days, here's snapshot of it:

Here are the featured shops, from right to left:

1) www.carmelajay.etsy.com
2) www.katinkapinka.etsy.com
3) www.alganet.etsy.com
4) www.gypsymoondesigns.etsy.com
6) www.aysetugrul.etsy.com
7) www.lusterbunny.etsy.com
8) www.inkfinesse.etsy.com
9) www.galeriedeilluminata.etsy.com
10) www.beautiesandthebeads.etsy.com
11) www.drinkabutter.etsy.com
12) www.linneasilver.etsy.com

Here's My piece out of the lineup:

I chose the theme "Xibalba", with the subtitle "Pondering the afterlife", inspired by the movie The Fountain and it's gorgeous soundtrack. I love Mayan history, and I even went to Chichen Itza a few years


I of course did not take this picture, too professional for my abilities. The photos I did take would have to be scanned into my computer one at a time, and I've been too spoiled by digital camaras to bother with this (at least for now).

This was an amazing trip! The Mayans actually built this temple on top of the existing Aztec temple, which we were able to access from a door at the base. Spoiler alert: this jade encrusted jaguar statue is at the very heart of the temple.