1st Post, 1st Sale!

Old world antique copper birds carry three strands of sea and sky. They have witnessed ages of changing earth and weather.

Assorted & graduated jewel-toned blue sea glass beads, hung from hand coiled antique copper headpins, cascade from three tiered strands of delicate antique copper chain. 

Measures 17 inches around neckline, with a 1.5 inch extender chain; clasps with an antique copper lobster claw. 

Approximately 3 inches from top chain to the end of the beads on the bottom chain.

This is my first post! I'm so excited, I made my first sale the other day (here's the picture). I had no idea how to handle invoices, I think I may have made the customer nervous when I sent her one through Paypal by mistake. I guess ETSY takes care of all that for you. They're so thoughtful! So, right now all I have up is jewelry, which was easier to churn out because I'd just finished a spell working at a local bead shop, and it was fresh in my mind. Soon I'll be listing my artwork and other household items, like pillows and ornaments, and so forth.

I've been an art-maker since I was wee little, but I went to college for performance and multimedia art installation, so it seems funny as a graduate I should be pursuing making... things... again. I think I'm better for it. I'm just grateful for an actual studio to work in, apartments aren't always so accommodating.

It's almost Christmas, and I've pretty much made all my gifts this year. Hey, it's advertising, right? I put all this obsessive effort into the presentation on some of them , business card and all. I just wish I didn't have to work an office job to support my new project. I can't help the dirty habit of reading all the ETSY success stories. It is a form of personal torture. Despite myself, and for the survival of my family unit I have to convince myself every day when I wake up that the bank I work for is not the devil. Money lending is a useful part of society.

Right now I'm listening to Neko Case sing Dirty Knife off the album Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. Of course I sing along.

I like to sing.


  1. Hi Jamie,
    I really love your artwork!
    Congratulations on your first post AND your first sale.

    Keep the posts coming, I'll be sure to 'check in' on your blog every now and then.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.


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