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Victorian Ranch-hand

Victorian Ranch-Hand, vintage carnelian heart on brass multi-strand necklace (sold 12/09)

Gracious swoons among the tumbleweed.

Sunny carnelian heart houses a stamped brass ornament. Topped with a 6mm brass ball. Three strands of hand-coiled chain of 4mm brass balls and brass colored art wire drape below. Neckline is made the same way, but with a few asymmetrically placed Carnelian.

The carnelian heart is actually quite old. I was given it as part of a jewelry collection someone was throwing out back when I was a kid, and after so many decades I finally found a use for it! The large brass colored ball above the heart was actually a thrift store find, so it's been given a second life as well.

Neckline measures 16.5", 2" extender chain. 
Pendant measures 2.5" long, 1.25" wide. 

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