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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Victorian Ranch-hand

Victorian Ranch-Hand, vintage carnelian heart on brass multi-strand necklace (sold 12/09)

Gracious swoons among the tumbleweed.

Sunny carnelian heart houses a stamped brass ornament. Topped with a 6mm brass ball. Three strands of hand-coiled chain of 4mm brass balls and brass colored art wire drape below. Neckline is made the same way, but with a few asymmetrically placed Carnelian.

The carnelian heart is actually quite old. I was given it as part of a jewelry collection someone was throwing out back when I was a kid, and after so many decades I finally found a use for it! The large brass colored ball above the heart was actually a thrift store find, so it's been given a second life as well.

Neckline measures 16.5", 2" extender chain. 
Pendant measures 2.5" long, 1.25" wide. 

Fire and Brimstone

Fire and Brimstone, Antique Brass Stamping, Hand-Coiled Antique Copper Chain (sold 12/09)

Some burn brimstone to ward off disease and purify the land. 

Three lightly antiqued brass art deco stampings hang from a hand-coiled chain made of antique copper balls and chain links, and dark brass-colored art wire. Merlot colored, faceted Czech glass beads separate the stampings. Three 4mm antique copper beads cluster from the center of the chain.

Measures 16" with a 2" chain extender. Clasps with antique copper lobster claw.

Murky Moon

Tiger Eye Pendant with Deep Blue Glass Bead Cluster on 3 strand Brown Leather (sold 12/09)

The evening conspires over a gaping moon. 

Tiger eye pendant hangs in turmoil while deep blue, jewel-toned assorted glass beads hover overhead.

Hand coiled on Antique copper headpins and individually bailed on their own antique copper chain link, each blue bead joins the tiger eye in hanging freely off a three-stranded brown leather neckline. Clasps with an antique copper lobster claw. 

The blue beads are actually quite old, having been given to me by a relative who amassed a huge wealth of beading materials, only to abandon the interest. I was happy to take the whole lot off his hands! 

Measures 17 inches with a 1.5 inch extender chain.

Mermaid Roe

Vintage Mother of Pearl Graduated Cluster with Copper on Blue Leather (sold 12/09)

I spent a good two hours picking these beads out of a button tray beside the register of a local antique\/boutique shop. And that wasn't even half of them. The owner of the shop was so nice, she found the rest for me, and who knows how long it took her. She had just purchased the shop, and the beads were left by the previous owner.

For this reason, very little is known about the history of these beads. Given their condition and state, it's clear they've seen several generations so far.

Each bead hangs from a hand coiled copper headpin, and the entire graduated cluster is perched off a dark blue leather cord. Clasps with a Victorian-styled antique copper toggle.

This is not as heavy as it looks.

Cord measures 17 inches. 

Moss and Seed

Moss and Seed, Necklace and Earing set, Patina Copper, Swarovski Pearl, Leather and Niobium Earwires (sold 12/09)

Always under, but the light gets through. 

Growing is a messy affair.

Green as the Statue of Liberty, these vintage copper disks hang by hand-coiled copper wire from a three stranded chocolate brown leather neckline. A copper-colored, 6mm Swarovski pearl, cupped by antique copper filigree caps, is nestled off to the side. Disks are movable.

Matching earrings have Niobium ear wires, for the look of antique copper, but with the comfort of hypo-allergenic.

Necklace measures 18". Clasps with antique copper toggle.

Violently Happy

Violently Happy, Spring Colored Button necklace (sold 12/09)

You know, like the song.

Bright buttons, in shades of bright red through dark purple, some shiny, some matte, all standout color.

Hangs by a rosary-style hand-coiled chain of mahogany brown art wire and bright red seed beads.

Measures 17.5", with a 2" extender chain. Clasps with a shiny copper lobster claw.

Total height of button cluster: 2.25" 

Companion earrings:

Blood and Harvest

Blood and Harvest, garnet chips with striped agate pendant on vintage chain (sold 12/09)

Horse or plow, all will go on the table.

Wheat striped Agate pendant is suspended by a chain of vintage brass and burgundy Garnet chips. 

The chain was found in an antique store, and the garnet chips were off an old necklace I got at a thrift store. Both are happy to have a second life.

Measures 17". Clasps with a spring ring.


Wilda-Button, vintage button with copper and glass necklace (sold 11/09)

A relic in the brush.

Tarnish and tarnation.

Bone-toned button swings from a wishbone-shaped brass connector. Neckline a mixture of African copper, mahogany seed beads and art wire, and a double strand of "oxidized" black enamel chain. 

This button is actually quite old. I found it in a tin that belonged to an elderly relative who has since passed, and after so many decade of squirreling it away I've finally found a good use for it! The unique wishbone shaped brass connector above the button came from an old pair of earrings I took apart a while back, and I'm happy to give it a second life.

Measures 17". Pendant 1" long.

Lanterns at Dusk

Lanterns at Dusk, Blue Sea Glass Earrings, Antique Copper/Brass, niobium earwires (sold 8/09)

One if by land, two if by sea.

Translucent blue sea glass bi-cones cupped in antique copper filigree caps. Antique brass ball at the base.

Ear wires are niobium, for the look of antique brass, but with the comfort of hypo-allergenic.

Total length: 1.25"

Beehive Alive

Beehive Alive, Vintage Carved Wood with Antique Copper and Niobium Earwires (sold 8/09)

Honey on biscuits, gas lamp at dusk.

These worn, carved wood Beads have a warm, almost lavender hue. Not sure what type of wood it is, as I found them in a consignment shop. I'd like to say rosewood, but that's just how the color strikes me. Beads are cupped by antique copper floral caps and accompanied by bleached white wood beads at the base.

Ear wires are Niobium, for the look of antique copper, but with the comfort of hypo-allergenic.

Total length: 1 3\/4"

Eastwest (long)

Tassel Earrings, Black, with Blue Sea Glass Beads (sold 7/09)

East collides with West, until a Round-about leaves you stranded somewhere in the Pacific.

3" tassels* swoosh from antique copper cones, topped with glowing blue sea glass beads.

Ear wires are Niobium, for the look of antique copper, but with the comfort of hypo-allergenic.

Total length: 5"

*Tassels may be shortened to desired length upon request.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Tassel Earrings, Purple (sold 6/09)

East collides with West, until a Round-about leaves you stranded somewhere in the Pacific.

Tassels are 1 1\/2", made in Thailand (I know this because they came off a wholesale gemstone strand from that country). The color (which I did my best to accurately show) is a very vibrant purple, more on the warm red side of the purple spectrum. The copper wire I used to bind them is a very thin, reddish filament. 

Matching purple ear wires are made of hypo-allergenic Niobium.

Total length: 2"

Ancestral Leaves

Ancestral Leaves, Cobalt Czech Glass w Antique Copper Leaf Toggle, Brown leather (sold 5/09)

The leaves on our trees are old indeed. You can trace them back like a stone skipping on moonlit waters. 

Oh, the stories. 

These Cobalt Czech glass beads are three sided, and the surface between those sides are mossy green. They seem very dark, until the light hits them just right. Then a shock of lightning blue, like the synapse of an old memory. They comet tail behind a large antique copper leaf toggle. Three strands of brown leather wrap around your neck to hold up this lineage, Just under your caller bone. 

Hand coiled brass-colored wire links the cobalt together like a rosary.

The cobalt beads are actually quite old. I found them at a thrift store, and was happy to give them a second life!

Measures 18.5 inches.

Blood of Spain

Blood Of Spain, Carnelian and Ornate Filigree Brass Necklace 

(sold 4/09)

Tooled leather immersed in Florida swamp... they don't speak our language.

Red & black carnelian disk dawns over an ornate, brass colored filigree pendant. Fruit-like cluster hangs over decorative wire coiling. Carnelian 6mm cab nestles in center of the filigree, wrapped in black silk cord. All hangs from a hand-coiled neckline of 4mm red carnelian and brass-colored art wire.

Measures 17", 1" brass extender chain. Clasps with antique brass lobster claw. 

1st Custom Order

I had my first custom order recently! How rad is that?

This design is based off the tassel earrings I offer in this shop. The customer requested two pendants of red tassel gathered into cones, to be worn individually on a thin chain. One pendant was made with an antiqued copper cone, the other with sterling silver.

Total length: 4.5 inches

If you are interested in requesting a custom order, feel free to email me:

1st Wholesale Order

Right now I'm filling an order placed by http://www.alittlebitofme.com/ for several pieces that are tea themed. I thought I'd include this as an advertisement for wholesale orders. Below are some pics of the teapot and teacup earrings I put together for this nice lady:

Then, of course I did several of these to the left in different colors. I still have some more to do, I just got in a batch of charms that are 3-d teapots. I'll put up those pics once they are complete.

In the meantime, looks like I'll be joining an Etsy Team or two, which means you'll probably see some advertisements for them here pretty soon. I'm also attempting a "selling frenzy" tonight, which is almost like an auction, but instead of one guy talking really fast, it's a whole forum of people going at once! I sat in last night, and I had to sleep it off! If it works and I make a few sales out of it I'll suffer through it in the future, but if not, I'd just as soon focus on advertising.

Oh look, the rainclouds broke and some sun is skulking around the side of the house. Where's my camera...

2nd Sale

And when we looked up, all the heavens alighted with tiny spheres...

Round, earth-toned glass art bead rests atop a donut of the same make. A little disk of shell holds the bottom up, and it finishes with a 3-ball triangle of silver. Hangs from a sterling silver spacer ring, and glides on it's orbit of sterling silver chain.

Chain measures 18". 

Length of pendant: 1"

Wow, I made my second sale today! Ok, I'm beat, time for bed. I've been peddling myself all over the place, and it's just starting to pay off. God I love business cards. :::Sigh::: I think I have a prospect for a new house, with better lighting, more space, quieter location... eh a little pricier, but it may just end up being worth it. The new face of Omniglot Studio? We'll see. In the mean time, here's the picture of sale #2.
(Btw, free shipping is now my favorite thing.)

1st Etsy Treasury

I just put together my first treasury! Here it is:http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=56088

And since I know this link is going to be defunct in a couple days, here's snapshot of it:

Here are the featured shops, from right to left:

1) www.carmelajay.etsy.com
2) www.katinkapinka.etsy.com
3) www.alganet.etsy.com
4) www.gypsymoondesigns.etsy.com
6) www.aysetugrul.etsy.com
7) www.lusterbunny.etsy.com
8) www.inkfinesse.etsy.com
9) www.galeriedeilluminata.etsy.com
10) www.beautiesandthebeads.etsy.com
11) www.drinkabutter.etsy.com
12) www.linneasilver.etsy.com

Here's My piece out of the lineup:

I chose the theme "Xibalba", with the subtitle "Pondering the afterlife", inspired by the movie The Fountain and it's gorgeous soundtrack. I love Mayan history, and I even went to Chichen Itza a few years


I of course did not take this picture, too professional for my abilities. The photos I did take would have to be scanned into my computer one at a time, and I've been too spoiled by digital camaras to bother with this (at least for now).

This was an amazing trip! The Mayans actually built this temple on top of the existing Aztec temple, which we were able to access from a door at the base. Spoiler alert: this jade encrusted jaguar statue is at the very heart of the temple.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


When I entered my first year at art school, by virtue of testing out of freshman courses, I managed to squeeze my way into a senior level installation art class. I was in way over my head, but I did my best. During one of our collaborations one student had quarantined a portion of a stairwell and applied bright red sewing string to the walls, floor, and ceiling of the enclosure with a clear paste. We witnessed the slow, meditative task unfold as she lightly pulled at the intricate veinwork, and the whole space echoed with the taught crackle of the glue giving way as she re-collected the string.

Red became a theme for me in later years as a performance artist, and even now, when I make something with red string I remember the tactile experience of following that string, as the point between attached and detached made it's way around the room...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1st Post, 1st Sale!

Old world antique copper birds carry three strands of sea and sky. They have witnessed ages of changing earth and weather.

Assorted & graduated jewel-toned blue sea glass beads, hung from hand coiled antique copper headpins, cascade from three tiered strands of delicate antique copper chain. 

Measures 17 inches around neckline, with a 1.5 inch extender chain; clasps with an antique copper lobster claw. 

Approximately 3 inches from top chain to the end of the beads on the bottom chain.

This is my first post! I'm so excited, I made my first sale the other day (here's the picture). I had no idea how to handle invoices, I think I may have made the customer nervous when I sent her one through Paypal by mistake. I guess ETSY takes care of all that for you. They're so thoughtful! So, right now all I have up is jewelry, which was easier to churn out because I'd just finished a spell working at a local bead shop, and it was fresh in my mind. Soon I'll be listing my artwork and other household items, like pillows and ornaments, and so forth.

I've been an art-maker since I was wee little, but I went to college for performance and multimedia art installation, so it seems funny as a graduate I should be pursuing making... things... again. I think I'm better for it. I'm just grateful for an actual studio to work in, apartments aren't always so accommodating.

It's almost Christmas, and I've pretty much made all my gifts this year. Hey, it's advertising, right? I put all this obsessive effort into the presentation on some of them , business card and all. I just wish I didn't have to work an office job to support my new project. I can't help the dirty habit of reading all the ETSY success stories. It is a form of personal torture. Despite myself, and for the survival of my family unit I have to convince myself every day when I wake up that the bank I work for is not the devil. Money lending is a useful part of society.

Right now I'm listening to Neko Case sing Dirty Knife off the album Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. Of course I sing along.

I like to sing.